February 9th, 2016


lucious lyon

As many people would say, Lucious is nothing but a devil. In fact, I personally said, the devil himself should plan to enrol for advance learning in Lucious’ Academy. But despite his flaws, he has positivity too; he has motivating power; he inspires; he believes everyone has something great within, but too blind to physical things. You maybe frowning, but shareholders are smiling; that’s what matters most in business anyway.

Do you know what this man loves? I mean besides infidelity and confusion? He loves progress, and progress comes from determination, which makes me find this man more thrilling. So have you imagined this type of a man having failure in business? Maybe, or maybe not.

As a businessman, I have always believed in pursuing values, unlimited wants for success, crazy persuasion for excellence. I have always believed if one wants to win, one has to be the shot, because the shot always hit. Just like this man, I don’t believe only in hustlers taking over, but also in setting positive margin by being on top.

Lucious made me realize we have more within than we are revealing:

This spreading attitude is almost with everybody. We are all okay and satisfied with just the good, whereas the best is still somewhere hiding inside of us.

Lucious saw this in Veronica when she was recording “Where Is Love?” He forced her to discover the inner melody that the song really needed. He made her to sing as if she would die the next day, like; that’s the last song she would ever sing. Her soul was forcefully revealed in that song. Thanks to Lucious for that inspiring move.

Sometimes, only what it takes to have more productivity from our employees is just a single push for motivations, making them discover the greatness they never believed in they possess.

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Lucious re-explained what determination is:

Lucious narrated things he got involved in to survive while he was still struggle to earn a living in West Philadelphia, during his presentation to the board on taking the company public. His vision kept him alive even while he was losing it to the street. His determination guided his vision so right and that led him straight to empire.

We all in some ways have bad experiences, unexplainable past. Not seeing them as a failure but as the push that we need right now would definitely further improve the strength of our business vision.

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High state of mind:

Unlike Lucious, we unconsciously forget the purpose of a life. He believed his purpose in life was something simple, something he could live for every single day and that’s progress. So he challenged everyone around him that in some way has effect on his business to have a purpose for a life, he challenged them to hold themselves for higher standard, he challenged Andrew to realise he was born for a purpose. Lucious push things hard, so everyone around him would have a feeling of being in a race, you either run faster or get outrun.

We all have the capacity to succeed, either we control it ourselves or people control it for us the way we never wanted.

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Sanusi Wale

Sanusi is a serial entrepreneur, voracious traveler, eternal optimist, and editor at BENEFiT. His curiosity is not about who will control the world, it is about who will create a new one. And that's why he invests in anything with anything. Twitter: @Sanusi_Melanin

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